Custom Interior Prints

Wallpaper + Fabric

Custom print artwork projects for interiors. 

Custom Prints for Wallpaper + Fabric

I work with clients to create custom artwork that I make into fabric and wallpaper for their homes.

Custom wallpaper + fabric

Koi Print

Custom Koi fish artwork created for a client's baby room. This artwork was  painted with watercolor and made into custom wallpaper & fabric. 


Hummingbird Print

Custom artwork print made into water-resistant linen fabric.

Custom Fabric + wallpaper

The Candace Print

In collaboration with Amanda Reynal Interiors.

This custom print took inspiration for the PennyRoyal Plant (the namesake of the home). I abstracted the plant modernizing it in a stylized way. Painted with spray paint and gauoche.

Custom Fabric

The Native Floral Print

In collaboration with Interior Designer Illiana Moore.

This artwork featured floral & fauna from the client's garden in upstate New York. Bringing the garden indoors. 

Print artwork made into linen fabric.

Custom Print Artwork on Silk

Koi Pond Village

Watercolor artwork made into silk twill painting that I stretched onto canvas for the home.

Mural Painting

Foliage Party

Bringing nature indoors with this custom mural painting for a clients home upstate. In collaboration with Amanda Reynal Interiors