100% bespoke, hand painted, personalized artwork--> made into a pattern-->made into wallpaper & textiles & textile art (or a hand painted mural)-->delivered to your door.

Custom Artwork

  • Hand painted design made into a printed wallpaper + fabric+ art for your home
  • Artwork created for you
  • One-of-a Kind and Exclusive
  • Personalized artwork
  • A final product that tells a story, but this artwork will tell your story. 
  • I will include all your favorite elements into the artwork. Maybe that means your favorite flowers, your family crest, your favorite color, your favorite pet, or maybe you're not sure yet. We will work together & discover your unique design vision. 
  • Not a designer and not sure where to start? Not to worry, that's part of the process. We'll find your design visions, we'll create mood boards together and we'll create artwork that makes you happy and completely personalized.

The Process ( for wallpaper and textiles)

Part 1: Discover your style & your story

  • We start with a call and a questionnaire
  • We start collecting images together. 
  • We will create a mood board for you and pinned images.

Part 2: Design sketches

  • We will start to paint different design elements
  • We will finalize your mood board and the direction of the artwork

Part 3: Designs made into Patterns/ sketches

  • We start making patterns from all the paintings and designs we created in step 2
  • I call these the "pattern sketches" 
  • This is when you see what your final pattern will look like

Part 4: Artwork Chosen

  • We discuss and you select the pattern you like from the "pattern sketches". 
  • I tweak the artwork and match the artwork to your needs.

Part 5: Artwork made into Wallpaper & Fabric samples

  • Final pattern is printed & made into a wallpaper/fabric sample for us to review.

Part 6: Artwork finalized, ordered and made into wallpaper & fabric shipped to your door.

  • The artwork is now complete and being produced into wallpaper! Sit back and get excited your wallpaper is on its way to your home.

 Part 7: Artwork in your home & ready to install. Bonus: and you can select on site hand painting too!

The Timeline *** JOIN THE WAITLIST ***

Design process: 4 weeks. (depending on complexity of design)

Production of wallpaper: 4-6 weeks 


Have other ideas? Need artwork for a Commercial project or for your brand?

Have an idea for custom that I have not mentioned? Are you a brand that wants artwork for your business? Email me and I'd love to hear about it!