The ALIPRINTS Design Process

Step 1

Ideas & discussion

  • mood boards

  • trend focus

  • design ideas & direction

  • Pinterest boards & collecting images

Step 2

Sketches & paintings

  • multiple sketches created in the theme discussed (from step 1)

  • Artwork created by scratch exclusively for you

    • mediums: watercolor, gouache, colored pencils, conte, ink, marker etc

Step 3

Print artworks are created & we discuss.

Multiple print versions from the original drawings (step 2) are created.

The way that I work as a designer is I draw- draw-draw and then add all these drawings into different print ideas. I will present you a plethora of prints in colors, layouts, etc using these artworks.

We then discuss the ones you like and we choose a winner(s) to move ahead with

Step 4

Final artwork(s) are selected

Screenshot 2018-11-30 10.21.46.png
  • Final artwork selected (from design ideas in step 3). We tweak and create the artwork into a final print design.

  • Colors, layout, and all design tweaks are discussed & finalized

  • logo & other desired details added to the work

Step 5

Production Ready

  • artwork made into digital design ready for the factory/ mill (CAD)

  • pantones/ paint chips/ etc are selected

  • all artwork is ready to submit to your ( or Aliprints) factories/mills

Step 5 +

Aliprints Production for Interiors


Aliprints will create the prints into wallpaper &/or fabric

Wallpaper available:

  • Standard clay (30” woven)

  • Vellum (30” woven)

  • Grasscloth (36” woven)

Fabric Available:

  • Linen 54” medium weight

  • Cotton Canvas

  • Belgian Linen 60” heavy weight

Step 6

The Result

Prints are now made into a final product. Either with your production or Aliprints.

  • Enjoy your exclusive design

email us for more information & to get started on your design: