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I've come up with a crazy idea  & I want you to hear me out!!!

A lot of friends and designers have asked me about my prints & patterns and when I'm finally going to turn them into wallpaper and fabrics......but I have a huge hurdle.....The price tag of developing them. 

While most of these artworks will be made in the future (that's my plan) its going to be at my snail like pace as I grow, save & then spend that savings on making a sample.

So I created this mini collection of artworks that are ready to be produced & thought of a way for my fans to get involved......

So how does it work? 


-I will name the artwork print after you

- I will make that artwork into wallpaper & or fabric for your home.  

- You will be the first person to have this print in your home & I will feature that on my website & social media.

- Future sales of this printed product (wallpaper or fabric) will have partial proceeds going to a charity of your choice.

So how does that work exactly?

I will use that Fun-d a print money & work with my mills to make the artwork into a printed fabric or wallpaper. (I'm not collecting money or taking a margin here- the money goes directly into development).

I will get a sample(s) made of that artwork print. Once samples are approved and final the product is ready to go!

Now I can sell the "your name" printed wallpaper(or fabric) to others and each sale will have partial proceeds going to the charity of your choice!  

So why?

This Fun-d a print will allow me to grow my collection of printed products & allow you to be part of the process with me!